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Garage door installation involves expertly assembling and fitting a new system for smooth, secure operation. Our service begins with a consultation to understand your preferences and includes precise measurements and secure attachment to your garage structure.

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Garage Door Installation

Welcome to Prime Garage Door, your go-to solution for professional garage door installation services. Finding reliable garage door installation near me is effortless with our team. Installing a garage door isn’t just about the garage; it’s about enhancing your space. Whether you need garage door installation or a garage door opener installation near me, our skilled experts ensure precision and care.

Our services cover the installation of various types of garage doors, including insulated options, along with a garage door opener installation service. We provide professional installation, keeping in mind the side of the door, type of garage door, and existing garage door specifics. 

Need to open the door 24 hours a day? 

We’re here! Our experienced team understands lift mechanisms, safety sensors, roller tracks, and the importance of a service call, working around your schedule.

Our expertise extends to wall-mounted and weather-stripped doors, ensuring adherence to manufacturer’s instructions. With years of experience, trust us for flawless installations using lag screws and providing top-notch garage door opener repair. Prime Garage Door, where professional installation meets exceptional service.

24/7 Garage Door Installation

Experience round-the-clock reliability with Prime Garage Door’s 24/7 Garage Door Repair Service, where prompt solutions meet quality craftsmanship.

Residential Garage Door Installation

Transform your home with Prime Garage Door's expert residential installation, blending style, security, and seamless functionality.

Commercial Garage Door Installation

Commercial Garage Door Installation

Empower your business with Prime Garage Door's commercial installations, offering durable, efficient, and customized garage door solutions.

Preventative Maintenance

Overhead Garage Door Installation

Opt for our maintenance programs to extend your garage door's lifespan and improve its performance. These plans ensure sustained efficiency and reliability.

Industrial Garage Doors

We offer unique and specialized industrial garage door installation and repair services.

Types of Garage Doors We Install

Prime Garage Door installs a wide variety of garage doors

Sectional Garage Door

Sectional Garage Door

A modern and sleek design, made of several horizontal panels hinged together, ideal for residential settings.

Roll-Up Garage Door

Roll-Up Garage Door

Constructed with a series of small panels that roll around a drum, suitable for commercial or industrial use.

Side-Hinged Garage Door

Side-Hinged Garage Door

Traditional double doors that open outward, often made of wood, perfect for classic or vintage-style homes.

Tilt-Up Canopy Garage Door

Tilt-Up Canopy Garage Door

A single solid door that tilts up into the garage, with a portion extending outside, great for residential garages with limited space.

Carriage House Garage Door

Carriage House Garage Door

Resembles traditional swinging barn doors but operates like a modern sectional garage door, adding rustic charm to homes.


Glass Garage Door

A contemporary door made of multiple glass panels framed in metal, offering a stylish, transparent look for modern homes or businesses.

Expert Garage Door Installation Services

Transforming the entrance to your abode is our specialty at Prime Garage Door. With our bespoke garage door installation services, we seamlessly merge aesthetics with functionality, presenting a diverse spectrum of designs that range from classic elegance to modern minimalism. Each installation is an art form, meticulously tailored to become a perfect fit for your home’s unique character. 

Our dedicated team comprises expert garage door opener installers in my area who provide top-notch garage door opener service, ensuring impeccable installations and precise garage opener installation. Additionally, we offer solutions for garage door spring concerns, along with insulated garage door options for enhanced efficiency and durability. Entrust us to redefine your home’s entrance with our exceptional installations and comprehensive services.

The Future of Commercial Garage Doors

Enhance your business premises with our cutting-edge commercial garage door fitting services. Tailored for resilience and efficiency, our installations ensure secure and swift access to your commercial spaces, facilitating seamless operations. Our specialized team excels in garage door motor installation and setup, skillfully integrating advanced features like automated systems and enhanced insulation.

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Why Choose Prime Garage Door Service?

Prime Garage Door Service is more than just a provider; we’re your dedicated partner in maintaining the security and functionality of your home. As a family-owned business, we understand the importance of a personal touch, ensuring each project is met with the highest standards of quality of garage door setup and customer care. Our unwavering commitment to excellence is evident in our workmanship and our approach to customer satisfaction.

We believe in building trust through reliable service, and our credentials speak for themselves. Our team comprises experienced, rigorously trained technicians who are committed to delivering top-notch service efficiently and effectively.

Here are the standout features that make us a premier choice:


When choosing a new garage door, it's essential to think about various factors like the style, material, insulation, security features, and your budget. You also want to think about how the door looks and if it fits with the style of your home. It's helpful to get advice from a professional installer who can help you find the right fit based on what you need and what you like.

It's important to clear the area around the garage door, ensure sufficient space for installation, and check for any necessary repairs to the garage structure.

Installation durations can vary but generally range from a few hours to a full day, depending on factors like complexity, size, and additional features.

Regular lubrication of moving parts, inspection and replacement of weather seals, cleaning tracks and rollers, and periodic checks for balance and alignment are among the maintenance tasks recommended for garage doors.

Yes, many installation services offer warranties on both labor and parts, but the specifics of coverage and duration may vary, so it's essential to inquire with your installer.

While it's technically possible for experienced individuals, it's not recommended due to safety concerns and the importance of professional installation for proper fit, function, and adherence to safety standards.

Installing a garage door is more challenging than installing a regular door. It's not only tricky but also hazardous. Achieving a functional and aesthetically pleasing garage door requires precise installation. Without the proper tools and skills, ensuring a successful installation can be difficult.