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Trust our expert team for efficient garage door torsion spring repair services. We specialize in prompt diagnostics and precision repairs, ensuring your door operates smoothly. Restore your door’s balance and functionality with our dedicated repair service.

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Garage Door Spring Repair

When the torsion in your garage door springs malfunctions, it not only compromises the functionality of the door but also poses a potential hazard to you and your family. If you find yourself in need of prompt and dependable garage door spring repair services in Toronto or the Greater Toronto Area, Prime Garage Door stands ready to address your concerns. Our team excels in efficiently replacing broken springs at a cost that ensures your satisfaction.

With over 15 years of experience specifically in resolving broken spring issues in the GTA, our licensed and insured technicians specialize in providing reliable solutions for both residential and light commercial garage door spring repairs. Prime Garage Door has earned the reputation of being the preferred choice for numerous homeowners in the Toronto area, owing to several key factors:

Garage Door Spring Repair

Is Your Garage Door Ready for a Transformation?

Same-Day Garage Door Spring Repair Service

Prime Garage Door can assist you with a myriad of reasons that may lead to a malfunctioning garage door spring, offering effective repairs. Regardless of the issue, our team is equipped to handle the situation. If a spring replacement is deemed necessary, we will recommend it and arrive prepared with the necessary spare parts to promptly complete the job.

Garage Door Torsion Spring Repair & Replacement

Did you hear a really loud noise, like a bang? Or, is your garage door only opening a little bit? If that’s happening, you might need to get your garage spring fixed. When you try to find parts to replace the garage door spring, it can be a real headache and not at all fun. The thing is, these springs don’t last forever. After a lot of uses, they just wear out and break.

Getting a new spring put in is something a lot of people need to do for their garage doors. Springs can snap, and that’s not safe at all. So, if your garage door spring is broken, you’ve got to get it sorted out quickly so you can use your door safely again.

At Prime Garage Door, we’ve got trained people who know exactly how to fix the spring so that your garage door is balanced right and can be opened by hand or with an electric opener without any trouble.

We’re here to help right away or at a time that works for you, whether it’s an urgent fix or just a regular visit.

Garage Door Torsion Spring Types

Garage doors can have a few different types of spring systems, but the main ones are extension and torsion springs. Our team knows how to handle both. Whether you need a garage door extension spring replacement or a new torsion spring put in, we can work on any type of door.

Extension springs are the ones that run along the tracks on each side of the door. They give the power needed to open the door, while a cable and pulley system does the actual lifting. If anything in this setup isn’t right or breaks, the door won’t work like it should.

Torsion springs are set up above the door and go across the whole width of it. These springs help lift the door, with cables that are attached to drums. It’s super important that these are put in by someone who knows what they’re doing, and that’s something we at Prime Garage Doors can handle.

We can even switch your garage door system to a torsion spring setup, which could make your garage door last longer.

How Long Garage Door Springs Last

The springs for garage doors don’t last forever. They’re measured in cycles, where one cycle is the door going up and then down again. Most springs are good for up to 10,000 cycles. How often you use your door will decide how soon you’ll need to think about getting a garage torsion spring replacement.

So, if you’re looking for garage spring repair or you need to find garage door spring replacement parts, remember that spring replacement and spring installation are things we do all the time. If your garage door spring is broken or you need a garage torsion spring replacement, our garage door repair services are ready to help. 

We know all about the garage door spring system, including garage door torsion spring installation and garage door extension spring replacement. Just give us a call, and we’ll make sure your door is safe and working perfectly in no time!

Is Your Garage Door Ready for a Transformation? Ready to Take the First Step?

How to know when you need garage door spring repair

Garage door springs are critical to the proper functioning of your garage door. Over time, these springs may wear out or break, necessitating repair or replacement. It’s important to be aware of the signs that indicate your garage door springs need attention. Here are some key indicators:

Heavy and Hard-to-Move Garage Door

Sign of Trouble: If your garage door feels unusually heavy or is difficult to lift, this could be a sign that you need garage door extension spring repairs.

Expert Assistance: At Prime Garage Door, our technicians are skilled in restoring broken garage door springs, ensuring your door operates smoothly once again.

Improper Opening of the Door

Diagnosis: Doors that won’t open correctly can be symptomatic of faulty garage door torsion springs.

Professional Service: Prime Garage Door experts will assess the situation to determine if lubrication is needed or if a more comprehensive repair is necessary.

Misaligned Door

Alignment Issues: A door that doesn’t close properly or leaves a gap at the bottom may have a broken spring causing misalignment.

Repair and Estimate: Our team at Prime Garage Door will verify the issue and provide an estimate for the spring repair and door realignment.

Loud Noises When Operating the Door

Audible Warning: Unusual or loud noises during operation could indicate a problem with the garage door springs.

Solution: Contact Prime Garage Door for a selection of garage door springs for sale, including professional replacement services at competitive prices.

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Tackling Common Garage Door Issues

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Yes, technically you can replace a garage door spring yourself, but it is not recommended due to the high risk of injury. Professional installation is advised for safety reasons.

Repairing a broken garage door spring typically costs around $100 for an hour of labor by a professional. It is usually more economical and safer to replace the spring.

Replacing garage door springs costs between $150 and $350 on average, depending on factors like labor, materials, and geographic location[.

Yes, you can replace just one garage door spring, but if one spring breaks, the other is likely close to failure as well, so it's often recommended to replace both.

Tensioning an up-and-over garage door spring involves adjusting the tension rods. However, due to the risk of injury, it's best left to professionals.

Manually opening a garage door with a broken tension spring is possible but very difficult and potentially dangerous due to the door's weight. Professional help is advised.

The lifespan of a garage door spring ranges from six to 15 years, depending on the type, usage, and maintenance.

Garage door spring replacement costs typically range from $150 to $350, with an average cost of $250.

To measure your garage torsion spring, you need to determine the spring’s length, inside diameter, and wire size. It's precise work best done by professionals.

Garage door springs are under high tension and can cause serious injury if not handled correctly, making them unsafe as a DIY project.

When calling for service, describe the issue, specify if it's a single or double door, and ask for a quote for the repair or replacement of the springs.